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Technologies of Texts class website. This website contains descriptions of the various assignments of the semester, as well as the course blog. It is labeled under roman numeral V. : Digital Project.

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William Klimon's Introduction to Collecting the Confessions. Some background information regarding how he got interested and involved with collecting the Confessions.   SNC Norbertine Collection Exhibit

St. Augustine initially wrote Confessions around 397 AD when he was approximately 40 years old. The Confessions describes Augustine's spiritual struggles, questions, reflections, frustrations, and revelations.

The picture of an old version from the year MDCCLXXV

Picture of illustration on first page inside the cover, from a Latin version from year MDCXCI

The Norbertine Studies at St. Norbert College has provided a collection of about 100 copies of Augustine's Confessions. These copies include translations written in French, Latin, German, English, and Italian. Many of them date very far back into the…
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