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Brief Background

Background information regarding the project, the class assignment, my resources, Norbertine Archives, the Confessions, and a brief overview of Augustine's history.

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Photographed Nine English Translations in Klimon's Collection

Photographed by Maria Dzurik at the Center for Norbertine Studies, St. Norbert College, using a Canon SD1300 IS Digital Camera on April 30th, 2012

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Translators of the English Translations of the Confessions Collection

Basic bibliographies of the translators of the first 9 selected translations of the Confessions in William M. Klimon's collection at St. Norbert College.  This exhibit also includes descriptions of how the translators' careers brought them to writing their edition of St. Augustine's Confessions, written by William M. Klimon.

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Versions and Translations of Confessions

I took several pictures of different editions of Augustine's Confessions while I was in the Norbertine Studies Archives. The books looked very different depending on the country, era and language they were printed. When I was formulating what I would do for a project, I was looking at comparing the different translations, but the Klimon collection already had featured books selected. I decided to study and photograph those editions.

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